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aying little heed to its connections. This EFT Money implies an AKM with wood furniture will appear in a similar rundown as your completely kitted, polymer body, perused with a reinforcement red dab AKM.  You can either strip it and sell the parts separately, or you can put it up at a cost you believe is reasonable, and sit tight for that fortunate player scanning for a decent AKM to go over it in the listing.Once you've concluded, you can choose include offer in the Flea Market and pick the weapon from your reserve. ... more
xingwang Jan 14 · Tags: eft money
expressed their dissatisfaction. Now, BattleState game is to give players a $ 1 million rubles as a game to apologize to EFT Money those who were affected. Of course, the players are frustrated by this experience. Some players attack the middle of the process even if affected, causing them to lose valuable gear is no way to get it back. The problem with this server is also a game to the influx of new players due to the economic crisis came to play the game. Many players call on a server reset Tarkov, however, probably did ... more
xingwang Dec 16 '20 · Tags: eft money
If you have a stash full of ups and downs odds EFT Money and ends that are super useful. Put your rifle bolt collected can be very simple. Another way is to right-click your stash and filtered through a project of the project. This will take you to the flea market, and display only bid for the project of your choice. This can be helpful if you have two left bullets particular, you want to hoardIn addition to search, you are presented with a list of specific wheel. It is very easy to sell because you can quickly check the pr... more
xingwang Oct 28 '20 · Tags: eft money
to exchange Tarkov in the EFT Money game will sell something, it must have status "strike discovery." In essence means you have to find it, and playing with something and effective to remove - have things to lose this status the way strings. The update has been confirmed Tarkov significant economic consequences. It helps hinder who need to buy all of the NPC has been provided and subsequently exchanged on the sales of products to meet the mark, rich players, shielding robot and won Tono real cash transactions. In any case,... more
xingwang Oct 25 '20 · Tags: eft money