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It was an unbelievable feat of OSRS gold technology but blizzard's only alternative was to cripple the minimap scope API that it depended on - that is why range checking addons in WoW are scuffed for this day. They can not purchase it because it is open source and has been led to by hundreds if not thousands of people who all have ownership rights of their parts of this code. They could however just make their particular construct they maintain and discharge without paying a thing, since it is open source. Yep I really do... more
I remember in the OSRS gold early magiks pursuit, one of the bothersome directors whiffed the shit outta me and I got ancients in a vastly lower level than others. Mate, you did Monkey Madness in 11? Absolute chad. I couldn't even handle that in 22. I remember grinding out dungeoneering to get the scope for your bow. Soo much wasted effort. Can't remember the title, but I know I did it.It's clips out of my friends RuneScape animations Here he leaves them onto an app on his own iPhone I am not sure I will ask him. It is a d... more
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