Everything is speculation and buy Animal Crossing Bells from rsgoldfast's blog

You can make enough money to Animal Crossing Items affix your equipment by simply doing a few hours of vhaq and selling the boosters and grinders... A affordable gear unite for 100+ chief stat units just costs a few million meseta.

Use the affixing simulator to plan out all your affixes. You can mess around with it to find out how affixes mesh with each other and get the Specific percents for if you do affix I have a lot of 6+ slot rares sitting in my storage waiting to get used for affixing once I begin doing this. They are simply taking up space honestly, ill never return to it.

Even using the simulator telling me exactly what is likely to function, going my affixes and trying to work out the most cost effective way of slamming different equipment together was a headache.

 Everything is speculation and buy Animal Crossing Bells you are going to need to create your own judgments on what is and isn't worth your meseta. I can't make that phone for you.

The current nemesis and slave weapons are the NT models which came out in Episode 5. So unless they did a strange thing, the slave and nemesis weapons pretty much will continue until episode 5.

Holy guacamole I hope they change how affix works in new genesis. It's the only thing I want to radically change from acbells.com.

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By rsgoldfast
Added Nov 29 '20


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