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This risk is exacerbated in wormhole area where most of citadels' asset safety systems are disabled. Upon the devastation of a citadel, every product is jettisoned into space. "Everything contained in those two EVE Echoes ISK that could not escape was going to drop, and that was a major draw," Brisc clarified. Really, though, it had been"the urge to do something that people thought could not be done that drove the movement," Brisc said. The Initiative desired"to do something that the EVE universe had decided was hopeless."

As far back as 2017, a plan started to form, one which would call for massive quantities of supplies, ammo, and ships. Rage is located deep within the changing systems of wormhole space--a place where shaky connections into neighbouring star systems alter a number of times every day. Even though there are a number of clues regarding where wormholes lead, there is no way to guarantee that of the 2,600 wormhole systems you might wind up in till you jump through. And even if you decide to find Rage, you have to bargain with Hard Knocks' defensive fleet of carriers and dreadnoughts. People who live still should handle the numerous doomsday weapons and turret defenses of their Keepstar itself, capable of shredding entire parts of a fleet in one attack.

Even I thought it was impossible. Back in 2017, I stated that it was"never going to occur, but don't hesitate to call me out if it will 5 years later on." Consider me. Since the wormholes resulting in Rage were constantly collapsing, The Initiative could not rely on conventional distribution lines to remain in the struggle. When they wanted to survive the battle against Hard Knocks, they'd have to stockpile a arsenal inside of Rage--all without Hard Knocks even knowing.

They stealthily moved it into Rage just to prove that it could be done. The operation started in earnest When it was safely inside. A team maneuvered freighters full of supplies and of pilots scouted entrances, hiding them attentively without Hard Knocks' knowledge. Until the siege began the Initiative utilized this to their advantage, having alternative characters pilot freighters to Rage and then log off.

One Arisene, of those pilots, told me about the pressure she was under. When compared with the high profile transport of the first Keepstar to Buy EVE ISK Rage at 2016 of Hard Knock, this operation was more akin to something from Metal Gear Solid but without the cardboard box. "The secrecy of the whole thing was mad," Arisene said. "I couldn't even tell some of my closest buddies about the op before it happened."

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